Saturday, April 26, 2008

Friday, March 7, 2008

Our Memories

They are my friends named Ralph, Joanne and Jennie. Ralph is Half boy and half girl, joanne is very naughty and always smiling and jennie also. They are my long time friends since high school. That day were very happy that is very memorable for me. We shared our memories and the laughters. That night im so happy because since i Transfered to other school, we did not see each other. So we took a picture for a remembrance. I know they cannot visit me because i know they are busy with their studies and I understand that. So i love my friends and im gonna miss them.

My LiL Daughter

Your wondering, why i have a baby for my age. Yes,shes my daughter. She is Rasil Kae,her nick is Ganda meaning Beautiful. Shes 8 months old. I am happy now with my lil baby. Definitely yes,shes cute and adorable like me. lol... Like mother like Eventhough her father is not with her, i will give all the best that i can do. I wll give her all the love, the laughters and the comfort she will need. So I love you my LiL baby.